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4 Easy Ways to Monitor the Diet You're On Effortlessly

4 Easy Ways to Monitor the Diet You're On Effortlessly

Guest Post | @indiablooms | 30 Aug 2019, 12:37 pm

The majority of diets fail before they reach the third or fourth day. You may think it is a matter of willpower, genetics or simply the luck of the DNA draw, but there is actually a science behind losing weight and keeping it off.

Besides being organized and prepared to eat better, you need to find a better food plan that you will enjoy as well as stick to for the long haul. Some individuals like sweets more than anything, while others want only salty or savory foods. You can search for what types of foods work best for your tastes.

Additionally, a personal coach is a good idea to help you stay on track and motivated. You can search for more information on personal coaches and how they work.

Here are 4 effortless ways to monitor the diet you're on:

1. Food Tracker Apps

You may want to post every healthy meal you are about to consume on social media, but if you do that, be prepared to lose a few friends. Instead, sign up for a food tracker app and keep a record of what you eat, how much and when. Many of the new food tracker apps allow you to post a photo of your food next to the information.

Some of the apps allow you to connect with friends or others who are trying the same type of diet or food options you are. If you opt for a personal coach, make sure they have access to your app to help you stay motivated and on track.

2. Cook Once a Week

When you have worked a full day and know there is nothing prepared for dinner, it is tempting to stop at a fast-food restaurant for dinner. Having your meals not only planned but ready to heat and eat will be a major deterrent for eating unhealthily.

The best way to have dinner ready to go each night is to cook the entire week's worth of meals in one day. Pick a day of the week, usually on a weekend, and plan to do everything from shopping to preparing all the ingredients to cook for a week or more of the meals.

3. Grab a Buddy

If you do not have a personal coach, grab a buddy to help you in your weight loss journey. You will be more apt to stick to a healthy eating plan, as well as an exercise program when you have someone to be accountable to. If you plan to meet your buddy for a workout, you won't want to disappoint them and are more likely to get up and go to the gym.

You can also have a lunch buddy and trade lunches. One day you will bring the meal and the next your partner can provide the meal. This way, you will eat new and different foods and not become bored with your own menu.

4. Reward Yourself

Once you have shown some progress, either lost some weight or have been showing improved health for a few weeks, reward yourself. Buy a new outfit or a spa treatment.

Your reward could be anything; however, do not reward yourself with unhealthy food. Staying on track may not always be easy, so don't worry if you eat something, not on your plan. Start over with the next meal, don't wait for the next day.

4 Easy Ways to Monitor the Diet You're On Effortlessly

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