Poverty compounding health cha...

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Nerw York, May 23 (IBNS): Non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cancer and smoking-related ailments, account for the majority of the chronic health problems confronting Palestine refugees across the Middle East, a new report by the United Nations agency which supports them, has found.
Nipah virus death toll rises to 10 in Kerala
Thiruvanthapuram, May 22 (IBNS) :  Ten people have so far died of the deadly Nipah virus in Kerala as it sets the alarm bell ringing high in the state, media reports said on Tuesday.
At global health forum, UN officials call for strong, people-focu...
New York, May 22 (IBNS): Everyone, everywhere must have equal access to quality health care, said top United Nations officials on Monday, urging greater focus on comprehensive health and well-being.
Nipah virus claims three lives in Kerala
Thiruvananthapuram, May 21 (IBNS): A mysterious virus 'Nipah' has attacked Kerala's Kozhikode, which has claimed three lives from the same family, media reports said.
Union Health Minister asks NCDC Director to look into the spread ...
Thiruvnanthapuram, May 21 (IBNS): The Central government has rushed a team to Kerala to study the spread of the Nipah virus induced fever and take necessary steps to contain the virus, according to media reports on Monday.
Most deprived are more likely to develop dementia
New York, May 18 (IBNS): Researchers analysed data from over 6000 adults born between 1902 and 1943 and found that the 20% most deprived adults were 50% more likely to develop dementia than the 20% least deprived adults.
Emergency meeting called as Ebola spreads to Congolese city – U...
New York, May 18 (IBNS): The World Health Organization (WHO) is convening an emergency meeting on Friday to “consider the international risks” of the latest outbreak of the deadly disease Ebola, which has now moved to an urban area of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).
DR Congo: Ebola spreads to city from countryside, one new case re...
Kinshasa, May 17 (IBNS): At least a new case has been registered as Ebola spread from countryside to a city in DR Congo, reports said on Thursday.
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