5 Last-Minute Study Tips for JEE Advanced

5 Last-Minute Study Tips for JEE Advanced

India Blooms News Service | 19 May 2017

For most students, preparation is a journey that will lead them to their ultimate goal. They work hard day and night to achieve success. For students who are doing JEE advanced preparation, nothing can be as taxing as the last-minute worries. They have come a long way by clearing JEE Mains and are in no mood to take any risk with the JEE advanced examination. From dedicating an entire year just for the preparation to giving up on the luxuries of life, they do it all.

With JEE advanced just around the corner, tension and worries are bound to form a cloud in a student’s brain. However, what one needs to keep in mind is that it’s their hardwork and talent that got them to this level, nothing else. However, with just a few days remaining for the examination, you must be searching for quick and easy ways that will help you come out of the tension zone and reap benefits from your year of hard work. Here are five last-minute tips that will assist you with revision, finishing the prep and performance improvement.

Give Your Body a Refreshing Sleep

This advice is listed on top because we know how much you have been compromising on your sleep. To excel at your JEE advanced examination, you need a mind that is well rested. With an exhausted mind, it would become difficult for you to recall and score well. So, make sure you are giving your body and mind the much-needed sleep, especially a few days before the examination. Also, avoid studying till late in the night.

Do a Selective Review/Revision of the Course

Though a thorough review of the syllabus is highly recommended a week before the examination, It’s suggestible that you avoid doing a broad review and focus on chapters and parts that you believe are your weaknesses or are important for a high score. Many coaching institutions like Aakash Institute provide the students with theselective study material that they believeare important for the examination. If you happen to have any selective study material, use it well during the last few days.

Give Your Hands Some Rest

We understand that you need to give your weak areas another push during the last few days, but keep one thing in mind that you will be doing quite a bit of writing on the examination day. If your hands are tired on the D-day, it can affect your grades badly. However, an easy solution to this would be carrying a stress ball. The JEE advanced examination is conducted in two sessions, with the stress ball you can easily relax your hands between the break and get all ready for the next session of the examination. Keep a note, you will not be allowed to take the ball inside the examination hall.

Make Some Time for Fun Activities

You would probably have kept yourself away from all possible fun activities to give your JEE advanced preparation 100% dedication. However, as the examination approaches close, it’s suggestible that you dedicate at least an hour in a day to activities like gaming, jogging, a session of cricket/badminton or any other sport you like. Thiswill help reduce stress and tension when the examination is approaching close.

Take Rest Between the Back to Back Examinations

The JEE advanced exam takes place in two shifts, so make sure you are taking proper rest, eating well and not doing anything that your body isn’t habitual of. Also, you can bring your personal collection of music to listen or a pack of ahealthymealto give your body a boost and the required energy.

Keep in mind the tips mentioned above, and we are sure you will score well in the upcoming JEE advanced examination. Also, make sure you treat yourself well with the food you like, things you like to do after the end of the test. You deserve it. All the best!

5 Last-Minute Study Tips for JEE Advanced

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