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Do you use Chorme Browser and want to save thousands of rupees too? But, are tired searching for the perfect coupons and deals? What if we tell you the answer to all the above question is one- Zoutons Chrome extension! Zoutons just makes your search for the coupons and deals- easier, quick and comfortable. Earlier they had their website and an app that was recently launched and this time Zoutons is coming up with their Chrome Extension.

Chrome Extensions provide a fast and quicker access to things. Zoutons provides coupons for over 150 stores, however it you might not be able to choose the best offer for yourself. For that problem now you can add the Zoutons Chrome Extension that pops a new offer with a new tab. This just stops the process of seeing the coupons and comparing all the offers.

About Zoutons

Zoutons is a coupons information providing website. There you can find all the ongoing coupons and deals best suited for every purpose. On Zoutons you can avail coupons and deals for ordering food, booking cabs, fashion related deals, wallet offers, recharge options and many other options. It was founded in 2013 and since then it is known for providing quality services to its users.

You can always filter the category or the store you want to work upon and get a list of coupons available for the searched category. Recently the Zoutons app was launched too and now you can add a Chrome extension on your computer to get updated of the coupons and deals on the go.

What is Chrome extension?

We all rely on Chrome for browsing and even shopping. Chrome extension refers to a small software program that works according with your browsing history and choices. With Zoutons Chrome extension, once you download it you will get new offers with every new tab you open. So in short all you have to do now is browse your favourite items on whichever platform you want to buy the products from and rest leave it on Zoutons.

The motive behind the Chrome extension is to let user browse, select and shop smartly rather than just going with the flow of how it has been till date. A user does not know about many offers that they can avail on various e-commerce websites or while booking cab. But with this feature added to your laptop all you will have to do is to shop and in the coupon code box the best suitable coupon code will get automatically saved. The best part about the extension is that it is light and has a size of 477 KB only.

How Does the Chrome Extension Work?

There is nothing to worry regarding the working of the extension system added to the computer. All you will have to do is download the extension and with the way you browse- your choices and selection of products and websites that you like, you will receive coupon codes. Plus, when you go to an online store, like Ajio and you fill your cart with products that you like there the Zoutons Chrome extension will automatically fill the correct and most money saving coupon code in the box. This just saves your time, keeps you updated and saves money on the go.

Why Add the Zoutons Chrome Extension?

Before you make a decision whether you should or should not add the Zoutons Chrome Extension read out the benefits of it first and then decide for yourself. Here we go.

1. Saves Time on the Go- Searching for the right coupon can be a hard things to do and a time consuming option too. You have to go through various websites, see the product, check out the coupon codes and what not! But, with this extension all that stops right there. You get the best ongoing deal right on your screen with this feature on Chrome.

2. Extension Chooses the Best Offer for You- Gone are the days when you had to choose between hundreds of deals. It is time to add this extension and start with the shopping and not the coupon research. This extension will smartly filter the best offer and it will be put right in front of you.

3. New Offer with a New Tab- We all heart deals and coupons. But who has got the time to go through all of them and check for new ones again and again. Now, all you got to do is open a new tab on Zoutons and you will receive a new offer on your screen then and there. No wasting time in opening, selecting and comparing deals.

4. Updates of all New Offers- Before shopping anything new we all wait until we find the right deal or coupon or until the sale comes. But, with the wait we actually miss out on a lot of stuff that we can buy and even the sale. The extension that you will download will give you all the updates for yourself then and there.

5. Options from Over 400 Stores- We are not talking small here. We talk about over 400 stores and the best suitable offer for you there. All you have to do is just open Chrome and your new offer from these stores will be there in front of you.

6. Your money looks good in your pocket- Well, this is one of the major benefits of this extension. It lets you save money while you just shop. With this extension you can get updated about deals that save thousands and thousands of money for you for free.

How to Get the Zoutons Chrome Extension?

If you are wondering how will you get the Chrome extension of Zoutons. It is a matter of 2 minutes and you work will be done by following the right steps.

1. Open the Chrome web store on your Chrome browser.

2. Next, on the web store search for Zoutons on the search bar at the top left corner.

3. You will find the ‘Zoutons Coupon Finder’ extension there

4. Open it and click on the install button.

5. It will ask for your permission which you will have to accept.

6. Woila! After you have followed these steps the extension will be added.

It will not take long for you add a Chrome extension in your browser and the benefits that come along are never ending. So do not wait and get in to the world of smart shopping where you shop smartly and save as much as you can. Be it a wallet or e-commerce website you want to save more on get all the updates with Zoutons Chrome extension today itself.


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