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Author Tanushree Ghosh brings up some pertinent issues regarding immigration in her book ‘From An-Other Land'

Author Tanushree Ghosh brings up some pertinent issues regarding immigration in her book ‘From An-Other Land'

India Blooms News Service | @indiablooms | 03 Dec 2018, 08:47 pm

Kolkata, Dec 3 (IBNS): With the United States and other countries mired in issues concerning immigration laws, author Tanushree Ghosh's new book struck a chord with the audience gathered at Kolkata's Starmark bookstore.

The unveiling of Ghosh's new book, 'From An-Other Land', held in association with Readomania, also included a panel discussion, where Ghosh gave an insight into her new book and discussed the challenges faced by immigrants.
She pointed out while media is rife with stories about children of illegal immigrants being help separately from their parents in the US, Bangladesh is facing an influx of Rohingya immigrants who are leaving their homeland allegedly in fear of religious persecution. 
"All these problems related to immigration are discussed in my new book, ‘From An-Other Land’, she said.
Said Ghosh, "Last month’s U.S. Job reports showed six million unfilled jobs and at the same time, Mexican immigrants were rounded up in Tigertown, Texas waiting to be deported. The tragedy is that the power plants are empty and those jobs cannot be filled by anyone in the U.S due to a skill set gap."

Editor of ABP Digital, Anjan Bandopadhay said, "It was inevitable for Donald Trump to come to power because at this time a big part of America wanted him in power. In the name of nationalism, the seed of racism is being planted in people’s minds. Life is difficult for immigrants because neither the country they migrated to can fully accept them nor can their own country fully accept them.’"
Director of Jadavpur University Press, Abhijit Gupta said, "When we see these strong people like Donald Trump and Recep Tayyip Erdogan [President of Turkey] coming to power, we get a sense of this being similar to the hard nationalism of the pre-second world war era which led to the actual world war, so it’s frightening because we are headed towards similar hard times.’
Regarding US President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, Tanushree Ghosh said, "Trump’s decision to not reduce coal emissions to safeguard coal jobs in the U.S. doesn’t make sense and is futile because no matter what he does, coal jobs cannot be saved in the U.S. The sole reason being, technology will always move to cheaper price points and human lives will always move to better technology so restricting anything is futile."
On being asked how tough it is to get a visa or green card in the U.S, Ghosh said that it is very difficult to apply for a visa or green card. The primary reason behind this is that India, China and Philippines have the highest population of people waiting in line to migrate there. So a person has to wait in the queue if he’s from these countries. People who have resources and access to education have it easy than those who don’t."
On being asked what inspired Tanushree Ghosh to open ‘Her Rights’, an NGO dedicated for the welfare of women, she said that she started getting anxious after reading about the 2012 Delhi rape case. Since she has a daughter herself, she was horrified after hearing about this rape case, which provoked her to open ‘Her Rights’ for the welfare and protection of women.
Tanushree Ghosh’s booke ‘From An-Other Land’ is an emotional guide and a reality check for anyone wanting to understand immigration to the US in modern times.
(Reporting by Meghna Dunbar)

Author Tanushree Ghosh brings up some pertinent issues regarding immigration in her book ‘From An-Other Land'

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