Kolkata: The GT Route hosts ‘The Great Harvest Festival’

Kolkata: The GT Route hosts ‘The Great Harvest Festival’

India Blooms News Service | 17 Mar 2017

Kolkata, Mar 17 (IBNS): Have you ever wondered how the concept of food or the staples change from one region to another? Then go for the Great Harvest Festival being hosted by the Kolkata-based GT Route from Mar 18-Apr 2, 2017.

A multi cuisine restaurant at Jameson Inn Shirraz, GT Route, which highlights the culinary delights from Kabul to Kolkata, will showcase an array of rice-based preparation during its food festival.

A harvest festival is a popular festival for any agrarian community. Taking a leaf out that harvest festival, GT Route has decided to hold its Great Harvest Festival.

Rupam Banik,Executive chef, Jameson Inn Shiraz said, “Last year, the Great Harvest Festival had received a very encouraging response and the city's discerning food lovers appreciated the exotic rice preparations.Therefore we decided to go for it again.”

“This year too we have tried to keep the food as innovative as possible so that food lovers get a chance to enjoy some little-known delicacies,” said chef Banik.

There will be 11 special rice items included in this festival -- four vegetarian preparations, 6 non-vegetarian preparations and 1 dessert.

Vegetation preparations such as Kara Chawal Kabab (shallow fried rice cake served with tamarind sauce), Masaledar Kathal Pulao (jack fruit and rice cooked with traditional Awadhi herb and spice served with fresh coriander and dry chilli kadhi), Bag-E- Bahar Khichdi (rice lentil and vegetable cooked together and served with pickle, julienne crispy fried potato and papad), Shahi Soya Biryani (saffron scented soya nugget biryani served with yogurt)

Non-vegetarian preparations include Prawn Wild Rice Conjee ( wild rice and prawn thick soup served with pickled veg), Gosht Ki Tehari (Rampur style spiced mutton pulao), Nargishi Kofta Biryani (mutton mince wrapped egg biryani served with Burani Ghol), Lalbagh Murgh Biryani (Murshidabad style chicken pressure biryani served with fritter chilly and sesame peanut yogurt gravy), Macher Bhapa Pulao (boneless fish chunk and rice cooked together with lemon and mustard scent serves with mustard raita), Muri Ghonto (fish head and Gobindo Bhog rice cooked together with traditional Bengali herb and spices).

Dessert is Zarda Pulao (traditional mixed dry fruits and sweet pulao).

A meal for two at the festival will cost approximately Rs. 700 plus taxes and will available between 12 pm -4 pm for lunch and 7 pm -11 pm for the dinner at GT Route.


(Reporting by Camellia Chatterjee)

Kolkata: The GT Route hosts ‘The Great Harvest Festival’

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