Halloween celebrated around the world, even airports put us scary show

A Halloween celebration decoration in Brampton in Canada's Ontario

Suman Das

Halloween celebrated around the world, even airports put us scary show

India Blooms News Service | 02 Nov 2016

Toronto, Nov 1 (IBNS) Halloween, the festival to remember the dead, was celebrated across the world on Monday with the fever of the festivity even gripping airports where the airline staff dressed like ghosts and entertained the flyers.

Halloween means trick-or-treating (or the related guising), attending Halloween costume parties, carving pumpkins into jack-o'-lanterns which is the most popular symbol of the creepy festival besides lighting bonfires, apple bobbing, divination games, playing pranks, visiting haunted attractions, telling scary stories and watching horror films.

Also the young boys and girls dressed in scary costumes visited door to door to collect candy and chocolates.

Halloween celebration was originally called Hallow’s eve. It  marked a beginning of a three day feast.

To honor dead Christian saints, also known as hollows, the festival was celebrated.

These customs first began in Irish and Scottish traditions. The custom of wearing costumes wear first started by the Druids to keep them safe from evil spirits. A Druid is a person who is a priest or magician or soothsayer in the ancient Celtic religion.

Celebs also joined the Halloween celebrations. According to media reports, even pop icon Taylor Swift borrowed Canadian actor producer Ryan Reynold’s superhero film ‘Deadpool’ Outfit for Halloween House Party thrown for her Squad. 

Now a days in Halloween kids and adults wear costumes of ghouls and their favourite superheroes.

In Canada, the festival was celebrated in neighbourhoods and streets.

On  Oct 31, everyone who celebrated Halloween come out at night in their fancy costumes. Everyone brought their bags and went door to door saying trick or treat.

The person at the door gave them candy or chocolate. This continued for about 3-4 hours in Toronto, starting at 5:30 pm and ending at 8:30-9:00pm.

"On Halloween I go with my friends to keep company and have fun while I go trick or treating. After that you come home and eat most of your candy," said Sumantra Das of Brampton in Ontario near Toronto.

"We carved pumpkins like scary faces, witches, etc. When your are done carving your pumpkins you put a candle in it to make it light up and look creepy or spooky. Then you buy yourself a costume or you can buy a creepy/scary costume or you can buy a costume of your favorite superhero or a profession," says Sumantra who celebrated the festival with other kids.

"You then have to make your house scary and creepy. You have to put tombstones on your grass, scary skeletons, fog machine and lighting and sound effects," he said showing the scary show put up in his neighbourhood by a family.


Halloween celebrated around the world, even airports put us scary show

India Blooms News Service
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