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10 things to know about Kolkata Generation Z

India Blooms News Service | 29 Jan 2016, 12:28 am
Kolkata, Jan 28 (IBNS) The TCS Youth Survey has captured the Digital habits of children between the age group of 12-18 years.

Generation Z (Gen Z) is defined as the group born after 1995 – the current youth generation. TCS has been conducting the TCS Youth Survey with students across 15 cities, as part of the TCS IT Wiz Quiz. Below are some of the technology-related survey results from Kolkata.

Pradipta Bagchi, Vice President & Head, Global Communications, TCS said, “GenZ youth of Kolkata are socially collaborative, technologically aware and true Digital Natives. Our annual survey of high school children across India helps us understand tomorrow’s professionals and create exciting career and learning opportunities for them”.

1.      The Smart Phones generation

Smartphones are the most coveted electronic gadget (82%) amongst Kolkata teens. It is interesting to note that smart phones are also the most popular mode of accessing the internet (48%) followed by Desktops/ home PCs and laptops (38%).


2.      Kolkata teens check in as Facebook Socialites

Facebook leads from the forefront (used by 90%) followed by Google+ (used by 60%). An interesting observation was that boys are more active online and on social networking sites as compared to the girls.


3.      The Blue Canary spreads its wings in Kolkata

Twitter is gaining popularity amongst Teen Twitteratis in Kolkata with 40% respondents having twitter accounts. Twitter is more popular amongst Teen Boys (45%) in Kolkata as compared to girls (24%).


4.      What’s up Whatsapp?

Whatsapp is by far the most popular instant messaging platform (65%) used by Kolkata Gen Z. It is distantly followed by SMS (18%).


5.      Kolkata Gen Z says, “see you online”

71% of the respondents spend at least an hour everyday online. 31% of them respond to notifications once a day, and 30% respond to notifications within 5 minutes of receiving them. 43% of the respondents online activities are monitored by parents and a similar percentage of the respondents' parents have access to their online accounts.


6.      Anytime, Anywhere Learning

An interesting trend seen amongst Kolkata teens is to break-free from organized learning environment and move towards the online learning space indicating the popularity that DIY and collaborative learning is gaining. 24% of the respondents use video chat to learn a new hobby & 19% go online to do school assignments.


7.      Kolkata Gen Z says, “Meet and Greet; NOT Post and Tweet”

Face to face communication is still the most preferred way of communication with friends (36%) as compared to phone calls and social media.


8.      Brands take a note:  Gen Z are accomplished multi-channel shoppers

85% of the respondents said that they shop online. Electronic gadgets (51%) were the most popular buy for Gen Z closely followed by Books (49%) and clothes (34%).


9.      Traditional media still the King

Overall, TV and newspapers were the most used means of consuming news (75%) followed by links from friends/ family on Facebook (38%) and online sources (30%).


10.   Just another myth: Professional courses losing charm

Interestingly a higher percentage of girls (47%) as compared to boys (40%) wished to pursue professional courses.

10 things to know about Kolkata Generation Z

India Blooms News Service
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