10 Signs to Prove You Are in love with your Motorcycle

10 Signs to Prove You Are in love with your Motorcycle

India Blooms News Service | 28 Apr 2017

Yes, she is my better half. I love her madly and I smile like an idiot whenever I think about her.

They say love is the most beautiful feeling in the world and I say, when your beloved is modish, beautiful and above all gives good mileage (Yes, mileage!) your love knows no boundaries. Though, I am a die-hard romantic person, I still hold my senses. I know I have just said, mileage—because, here I am discussing your love affair with your motorcycle. Yes, that special bond which you share with your darling bike!

Though, you have a deep liking for your bike, you are uncertain whether it is love or crush. Then let me tell you one thing—all great love stories commence when we start liking someone.

So, make me your ‘love guru’, look at the following points or ‘feelings’ and if you can relate yourself with them, then my dear you are in love!

1. You enjoy her company: You find excuses of spending time with her and therefore, if you jump onto any offer of a bike ride. It is pretty obvious where your commitment lies! You wake up at dawn on every Sunday to go for a bike ride and then come back in the afternoon to wash your motorbike. When it’s dry, you spend time in giving it a nice polish coat. Then here comes the evening and again, you hop on to your motorcycle to meet your bikers’ friends where the discussion revolves around motorcycles only. 

2. You always find reasons to meet her: The only reason you enjoy going to your office is that you get a chance to spend time with your motorcycle. There comes a time when the journey becomes more beautiful than the destination.

When you don’t get time to spend with your motorcycle, you feel cranky and irritable. It is a sign of true love that you get some relief only when you see ‘her’. In your case, you get respite when you ride a bike. 

3. You are hooked to her beauty: One glance over a bike and you again and again fall in love with its looks and appearance. You feel proud when other people appreciate your bike’s beauty and give you compliments on your choice. In your case, you feel that your motorcycle completes you and makes you look good.

4. Her ill-health worries you: You are enjoying your bike ride when suddenly you notice that its high beam light is not working. Although, you don’t use it on a daily basis, it is something which is troubling you. Or, a minor scratch on your bike’s handle makes you feel like someone has just stabbed you. Without wasting a minute, you rush to a garage to get your motorcycle back to its previous state. 

5. You love flaunting your love: You feel that your motorcycle is your part and thus, you never miss an opportunity to flaunt it. You rev your bike when you pass through the streets so that you can hear its sound and show off to others. Your social media accounts have more photos of your bike than your family members.

6. You groom her: The day you purchased your motorcycle, you changed its exhausts and recently, you have added saddlebags and changed seat cover as well. Now, you are saving money to repaint your bike. At all times, there is something that is not right with your bike (or at least you think so) and you don’t wait for the occasion to give it a makeover.

7. You are over possessive about her: The mere thought of separation from your bike is enough to press a panic button. You always want to keep your motorcycle before your eyes and hate parking it just anywhere because you are worried that other people might touch or worse sit on it. When you come back, you thoroughly look at it and no matters, whether it is minor or major, you feel the pain if you spot a new scratch. Due to this reason, you prefer to park your motorcycle at that location which is visible to you so that you can keep a watch on it.

8. She has a name and birthday: What do you love to call your bike? Yes, for others, it is splendor, or Harley Davidson, but for you, it is a motorcycle which has its name and birthday. You get offended when someone calls it a motorcycle. Even you have engraved its name (I mean to say your motorcycle’s name) on your helmet as well.

The day you brought your ‘darling’ to home is every year celebrated as its birthday. There is a possibility of forgetting your partner’s (I mean, ‘real’ partner) birthday, but there is no chance of forgetting that day when you first time ‘saw’ your bike.

9. You cherish every moment you spend with her: You share a special bond with your motorcycle and that’s why so many sweet memories are attached to her. All your life’s experiences start with ‘When I was riding my motorcycle….”.

10. You protect it with a comprehensive bike insurance: As you are in love with your two-wheeler from head to heels, you buy a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy to protect it from all types of losses or damages, including man-made and natural calamities. In case of an accident, your insurer will not only cover the third-party vehicle, but will also compensate you for losses or damages caused to your vehicle.

You don’t want any roadblock to stop your journey, so you have also bought a roadside assistance cover to expand your insurance cover. In case there is a flat tyre or your two-wheeler runs out of fuel, the insurer will come to your rescue.

As you have a lifetime association with your motorcycle (or at least you believe so), you go for a long-term bike insurance policy that insures your vehicle for two or three years in one go. As, you don’t want your motorcycle to face the brunt of penalties, a long-term insurance policy is the right way to secure your vehicle for a long-run.  

So, now at the end, if a sweet smile is already there on your face and you don’t know why, then let me tell you— it’s the magic of love. It’s time to admit—your motorcycle is your bae.

I wish you both a smooth ‘ride’ for many more years to come.

10 Signs to Prove You Are in love with your Motorcycle

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