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In Flowerdom Flashback: OMG Flower Facts!

In Flowerdom Flashback: OMG Flower Facts!

India Blooms News Service | @indiablooms | 28 Feb 2019, 06:19 pm

In this series, we bring you some amazing facts on flowers from all over the world!  As beautiful, fresh and wow-worthy like flowers in Bangalore!

Flowers in Space!

The world came to a beautiful still when a NASA astronaut, Scot Kelly took to his Instagram and gave us a peek into the first flower grown in space! It could be a breakthrough in the research of finding life in space as well as successfully concludes the experiment of growing plants in microgravity.
It is an orange zinnia flower, which happens to be a native of the Southwestern United States. Zinnia flowers are easy to grow and are edible. The growth of zinnia flowers is quite similar to that on the earth except for the curled leaves and petals, which is due to controlled conditions and zero gravity surrounding.

The rarest flower species bloomed in India.

In other news, Munnar in Kerala saw the shower of purple-blue flowers, Neelakuriji after 12 years! Quite the sight to behold, this flower blooms only once in 12 years, draping the landscape in the fabric of ethereal blue. It is a plietesial plant, which implies that the plant has different intervals of flowering and maturing. It is one of the rarest flowers that demands to be seen at least once in a lifetime.

Israel names a flower after Indian PM.

Israel's flower farm decided to name a chrysanthemum flower variety 'MODI' after the Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi. This special gesture commemorated the first ever visit of an Indian supreme to Israel and extends his welcome furthermore.

It is official. Beyonce is the queen of flowers.

Beyonce proved it once and again, why she is called the queen. In a shoot for a magazine, she wore a floral headdress, which is wild, free and triumphant – just like her. And it is not the first time she wore a crown made of flowers. This thing of beauty is made of several blooming flowers and brings various shades of their own to the colours of Beyonce.

Take her to a flower shop.

A new study has revealed that women are receptive towards men’s advances when they are around flowers. Researchers have concluded that flowers, for the lack of better word, cloud their judgment and trigger feelings associated with romance, love and hopefulness, leading women or men to be more open and optimistic. While the result of this research is debatable but the mood-lifting properties of flowers have been proven effective and are beyond doubt.

What the…?

You know a tomato is a fruit but what if we tell you that broccoli is actually a flower! Yes, we couldn’t believe it either. The part that looks like an alien substance and has forced its way into every Asian and American dish, is a flower. The flower is crunchy yet soft and has a peppery-honey taste.
So, what do you think? Did you like our flower-based fun facts? Why don’t you add something of your own in the comment box!

In Flowerdom Flashback: OMG Flower Facts!

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