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How Technology Can Help Combat Self-Isolation

How Technology Can Help Combat Self-Isolation

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The worldwide pandemic has forced people to stay inside, in their homes, for an extended period of time. Although there are many people who are living with their families and thus aren't alone, there are also individuals that stay at home by themselves. Hence, they can be at risk of feeling lonely. But overall, this new situation is making us appreciate technology more and all the ways it helps us in our daily lives.

Playing Games Online

Boredom is maybe even more prevalent when you're at home most of the time. But, fortunately, today, you can have fun by playing games online. There are endless options for playing games, even on your smartphone. You can try video games, games to help you relax, social-network games and more.

If you like playing games of chance, there are also many casino sites online. In India, playing casino games online has reached a new level of popularity with the increased coverage of mobile internet services. Also, most casino games are accessible on any electronic device. Hence you can have an immersive gambling experience on your smartphone. Furthermore, Indian online casino sites accept payments in Indian Rupees and offer Indian games in their collection of casino games. It's also worth mentioning that you can always play in free mode if you want to play for fun.

Another important aspect of playing games online is the opportunity to have fun with your friends online. When you feel you need more interaction in your day, you can always try digital board games, multiplayer games, esports games, and more.

Expanding Your Skill Set

This is the perfect time to expand your knowledge and learn new skills. In fact, most e-learning platforms provide discounts or free courses on specific subjects. You can check sites like Udemy, Coursera, Skillshare, for instance, to see if there's a course that can help you with your career goals. Similarly, many colleges and schools around the world use their own e-learning platforms and video conferencing tools like UberConference, Skype, Zoom to provide students with regular lectures during the pandemic.

Watching Everything You Want

In case you have more time on your hands, you start watching new TV shows that were tremendously popular but you never had the time to watch them before. Again streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, Hotstar, SonyLIV offer a lot of choices for entertainment, whether you like watching NBA games, documentaries, romantic comedies, thrillers, among many other options.  Likewise, when you feel that you need to be comforted, you can always watch your favorite films or TV shows.

Ordering Essential and Non-Essential Items Online

Avoiding crowds is of paramount importance during this period. Fortunately, you can order the most necessary times online. This is especially important as supermarkets are open during this period, but many people that can't leave their homes or want to shop online have a variety of options online.

And also a lot of people are panic shopping. Consequently, you might now always find what you're looking for in your local shop. However, you can also use food delivery apps such as Swiggy, UberEats, Foodpanda, Zomato, and others.  Otherwise, if you want to order groceries online, you can try the following options BigBasket, ZopNow, Nature's Basket, Big Mart, Ondoor, and others.


This is a difficult period for all of us. It doesn't matter where you live in the world. We are all affected in some way by this situation. However, thanks to modern technological breakthroughs, you can still feel supported and connected with your loved ones.

While there are many options to help you find necessary items on online shopping sites. That being said, stay as much as you can in your home, wash your hands regularly and if you need to go outside, make sure you're at an appropriate distance from other people and bring your hand-sanitizers with you.

How Technology Can Help Combat Self-Isolation

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