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5benefits of livingin Qatar

5benefits of livingin Qatar

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With its high standard of living, luxurious entertainment scene, andzeroincome tax, Qatar is undoubtedly a fantastic place to live as an expat. And if you are considering moving there, here are 5benefits that might help sway your decision.

1. You can live a life of luxury in Qatar

The luxurious lifestyle is one of the biggest draws forexpats relocating to Qatar. With numerous glamorous hotel bars and restaurants to explore, countless shopping malls to discover, and stunning beaches to relax on, you can truly live a life of luxury there. The high standard of living is also one of the biggest benefits of moving to this affluent country.

2. Employees don’t have to pay any income tax

If the idea of keeping 100% of what you earn soundslike a dream, then you might be tempted to move to Qatar, because there is no income tax in the country. What’s more, there is no VAT or sales tax, so you’ll save even more money when shopping. Just imagine how much money you can save for the future when living in Qatar. Your dream home might seem within reach, after all!

3. Qatar boasts anexcellent healthcare system

With one of the top 5 healthcare systems in the world, expats in Qatar are certainly well looked after. What’s more, all employers in the country are legally required to provide healthcare for their employees, which means you will be covered from your first day on the job.Expats can either access state healthcare services at a subsidized rate or buy private health insurance to access private facilities and cover any costs not met bypublic healthcare.

4. The country has a very low crime rate

Safety is important for anyone considering moving abroad and fortunately, Qatar is statistically one of the safest places to live in the world. In fact, international rankings show that major crimes in the country are 98.3% lower than the global average.Furthermore, 88.3% of the total crimes committed in 2018 were of a minor nature.This is largely due to the fact that punishments are severe and work well as a deterrent.Even so, most compoundsand public areas have security guards in place.

5. It’s a very family-friendly place to live

Qatar is a great place to live as a family. As well as having a good range of international schools on offer for expat kids, there is also an exciting range of things to do with kids, including museums, theme parks, and cultural attractions. Furthermore, there are several popular neighborhoods to live in if you have a family, including Al Waab, Madinat Khalifa, West Bay, and Abu Hamour.

5benefits of livingin Qatar

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