Glimpse of the Truth: A book of love poems

Glimpse of the Truth: A book of love poems

India Blooms News Service | 19 May 2017

Kolkata, May 19 (IBNS): Glimpse of the Truth, published by Power Publishers, is a collection of sixteen poems, written by Prasad Agte, which, when strung together, is a story of every man and his relationship with the world around him.

The poems evolve through a journey that starts from love at first sight and with confession.

Each poem talks deftly about a particular stage of this journey.

Reading these poems is like listening to a dithering lover and knowing his most intimate thoughts.

Love is beautiful but falling in love is filled with angst.

These poems are reflections of that angst residing in a lovelorn heart.

The first thing that hits the readers is the skillful use of words.

The expressions, the phrases, the imagery have been woven so beautifully that they paint vividly colourful pictures in our minds, making each story, each moment, each emotion come alive.

The moment when the young man casts his eyes on the woman for the first time and gets enthralled has been expressed in the very first poem named aptly as The Glimpse.

The second poem Dreamland talks about how love invades the dreams of the young man.

His heart is searching for his beloved all the time and this unending search manifests itself through his dreams. Even in his dreams he is traversing virgin territories, unexplored vistas and yet he finds beauty in his search.

The young man is getting impatient to find a thread to his lady’s world through the pathways of his own world. He is all alone in the mystical world yet he feels an unexplained magic in the deepest recesses of his heart.

The next poem named Inhabitants of the Dreamland and Wonderland talks about a story where the protagonist is coming across some magical beings who make him face his own feelings.

He is made to face the fact that the greatest wish of his heart is the wondrous lady.

So far, the protagonist has been trying to deny his own feelings but now he is shown how significant and overwhelming his emotions are.

The next poem, Angels’ Magical Sense, is perhaps the best of the lot, as far as I am concerned.

In this poem, the angels, or rather his own subconscious mind, reminds him that there’s nothing to be gained by trying to deny his emotions.

He is told vehemently that attempts can move mountains.

The next few poems, like the Other Good Side and Angels’ Persuasion all convey a very important message -- doubt your own beliefs first and then believe your doubt.

These two lines have to be the essence of success and the reason of failure.

The protagonist is warned timely and so are the readers.

The next few poems advice the protagonist about how he should proceed in his endeavour to woo his lady and finally as the protagonist comes to terms with his own feelings, slowly his inhibitions, his fears are washed away.

And there comes a stage where he decides to confess his feelings in front of his beloved.

And as the poet has rightly said, it’s more important for the truth to be out there.

This collection of poems is definitely a very refreshing read. It’s different and unique.

The way the book has been conceptualized is praiseworthy.

Readers are surely going to wait for more from the poet in the future.

(Reviewed by Priya Das)

Glimpse of the Truth: A book of love poems

India Blooms News Service
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