Book review: A Conversation wi...

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Some books march into your life. 'A Conversation with the Mountains And Other Stories'  by Rajender Singh is exactly such a book that would make you put yourself into the shoes of the writer and make you experience all kinds of interesting things that he has gone through.
Book review: 'India My Country' talks about hard facts in a lucid...
There are some books that would enlighten you and some that would educate you. ‘’India my country" by H.P Roychowdhury stands somewhere in the middle.
Book review: Initiation by Krishna Handa is a treat for those who...
If you are an admirer of thrillers, Power Publishers' latest release,’’Initiation’’ by debutant author Krishna Handa, has something that would keep you on the edge of the seat, leave you guessing what would happen next.
Book review: Expressing poetic emotions through blank verse
“In Passing”  by Radhika Thatte George is a collection of poetry with the title of the book being taken from the title of the last poem in the book. The poems are  mostly in blank verse.
Book Review: 'To Write Love on Her Hand' is part romantic part ps...
Love is a wonderful feeling when it happens with the right person ---this phrase has been proved to be true by Lopamudra Sen in her novel, 'To Write Love on her Hand'.
Book review: Exploring the bonds of love with family and pets
The highly gripping and emotional plot of 'My Little World and Me'  by Radhika Goyel will transcend the readers into a different world, where they can make a strong connection with the author and her microcosm.
Book Review: Maintenance Management is essential for industrial p...
Production at higher profit is the motto of every factory but without proper maintenance, it is not possible. Baidyanath Sahay has introduced the meaning of maintenance, its importance and the strategies to maintain the plants in a cost-effective way.
Book review: Motivating people to serve one's country better
'Prerna' means motivation. We all have our own motivations in life which are the driving force behind our actions.
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