Author interview: Tapan Das on...

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Tapan Das says he wants to point to the futility of community violence through his novel 'Amar ma ke kandte dao'. 
Author interview: Hiren Sanyal on his debut English novel
Author Hiren Sanyal says his debut English novel revolves around the principles of Indian philosophy
Book Review: The Erotic Muse, a fictional journey through a paral...
‘The Erotic Muse’, a fiction written by Rajeev Singh, includes mystery, adventure, thrills, horror, heart racing moments and, last but not the least, love.
Book review: Amar ma ke kandte dao, a Bengali novel
“Amar ma ke kandte dao”, a Bengali novel written by Tapan Das, is about the life of an innocent girl, Tapashi, who loses everything after Assamese zealots ruthlessly attack her Bengali parents.
Book review: Ruffled Feather, a collaborative work by eight 'inge...
Do you remember the last time you read a story that felt like you had exactly the same thing to say? Do you sometimes feel that there might be people living the same lives as you, feeling the same things, just expressing better? Well there are.
Book review: ‘REMINDED: Mother India’ is like an emotional ro...
‘REMINDED: Mother India’ written by Hiren Sanyal is an emotional roller-coaster.  It tells the story of a boy named Shanu Roy, an ordinary boy but an extraordinary character.
Book review: Bachhai Pachforon, a collection of satirical writin...
“Bachhai Pachforon” is a seriously quirky and humorous collection of articles written by Uttarayan Deb; fifty articles that see contemporary issues through a satirical veil.
Book Review: Osotto Noi, a collection of Bengali short stories
“Osotto Noi”, a collection of 11 Bengali short stories, written by Banani Sikdar, is a heart-warming mix of unconventional stories—stories that are simple but have a lot of emotion in them and leave a pleasant aftertaste.
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