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India should support China's position on US trade war and Hong Kong protests, says senior Chinese diplomat

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India should support China's position on US trade war and Hong Kong protests, says senior Chinese diplomat

India Blooms News Service | @indiablooms | 30 Sep 2019, 07:31 pm

Kolkata: A senior Chinese diplomat on Sunday said India's support is important for its stance on the trade war with USA and the ongoing protests in Hong Kong.

“I hope Indian friends could understand the truth of the above issues [ trade war with USA and Hong Kong protests] and look at them with fairness and rationality, and also understand and support the position of Chinese government,” said the Chinese Consul General  in Kolkata Zha Liyou at a reception on the eve of  the 70th anniversary of founding of the People’s Republic of China.

China is engaged in a bitter trade war with the United States for over a year and have levied punitive duties on each other’s goods upsetting the global economy, while China-administered Hong Kong is roiled by a pro-democracy protest and political crisis sparked off by an extradition bill proposal which can send Hong Kong’s 7.4 million residents as well as foreign and Chinese nationals living there to Communist Party ruled mainland China for trial in courts.

“In the past 70 years, we have entered a new era and are moving towards a better future...Setbacks are inevitable when one makes the way ahead,” said Liyou.

Referring to the China-US trade friction, Liyou said “China will maintain calm, rational and cooperative solutions, and is willing to show the greatest patience and kindness,” but is determined to make “necessary reactions” if its counterpart (US) ignores “equality, honesty and rules." He said "we must make necessary reactions to protect our legitimate rights and interests and defend international fairness and justice.”

Maintaining that “China will resolutely safeguard national sovereignty and Hong Kong's prosperity and stability,” he claimed that the “essence of protests in Hong Kong is radical violence by radical forces instigated by certain countries under the guise of "anti-bill amendment" and that the agitation is aimed at creating a "color revolution" to curb China's development.

The Consul General pointed out that Sino-Indian relations have maintained “good momentum” of growth at present.

He pointed out that China and India are ancient civilizations and large developing countries sharing similar history, culture and development trajectories and should become closer partners and create greater glory despite some differences and frictions in China-India relations.

“Although there are some differences and frictions in China-India relations, there are far more consensus than disagreement, and common interests far outweigh frictions,” he asserted, adding, “China is committed to building a development partnership with India based on friendship, good faith, mutual benefit, and inclusiveness, to benefit not only our people but also Asia and the whole world.”

Liyou said he has opened a personal Twitter account to share updates of China-India relations, China and East India ties, and events held in his office.

“You are now all welcome to follow me on twitter though I am still waiting for twitter’s verification of my official status,” he stated.

Stressing on China’s focus on strengthening relations with India, he said, “Ladies and gentlemen, as the great Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore put it, ‘You can't cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water’, ‘Everything comes to us that belongs to us if we create the capacity to receive it.’”

The Consul General asserted that “the healthy development of China-India relations requires constant efforts of both countries and peoples” and “it cannot be done without support of all of our Indian friends.”

Maintaining that sub-national relations lay a stronger foundation between countries, he stated, “All the consensus reached by leaders of our two countries need to be implemented from the grass root and community. We need to act now,” and added, “I sincerely hope and invite all of you to join me to bring Chinese provinces and Indian states closer, bring our peoples closer and bring our countries closer, so that we may join hands to build a harmonious and prosperous Community with a Shared Future for Asia and for Mankind!”

He said the Chinese Consulate General in Kolkata is committed to promoting friendly exchanges and pragmatic cooperation in various fields between China and East India.

Liyou said that his office will join the team of judges to choose the top four pandals and organise a trip to China for the top winners and added “I am very much looking forward to it as my first Durga Puja in India.”

India should support China's position on US trade war and Hong Kong protests, says senior Chinese diplomat

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