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Interview: Sunny Leone lives a fairy tale romance

Interview: Sunny Leone lives a fairy tale romance

Trans World Features (TWF) | 13 Jun 2014, 02:36 pm
Sunny Leone is a hardcore romantic at heart and says she lives a fairy tale romance with her husband. TWF correspondent Sreya Basu chats up with the actress on love, romance and her Prince Charming

What is fairy tale romance for you?

It’s the life I live with my husband (Daniel Weber). He is my Prince Charming. I am very lucky that my husband is a very good man; he is an angel.

How possessive are you about him?

Quite much I would say. Whenever someone says anything to him, I snap at that person on his behalf. I am always standing there behind him. I support him with all my heart.  

There are reports of your divorce with Daniel. How much truth is there?

 He is the love of my life. No matter what you say, our jodi (pairing) can never break.

What is the most romantic thing a man has done for you?

You have no idea what Mr. Daniel Weber did to woo me during our days of courtship. He used to land up on my doorstep everyday with flowers, chocolates, love letters, mix CDs and other gifts. Once I was sitting in a restaurant and some random stranger walked up to me and said: “Are you Karen (that’s my real name)?” When I said “Yes”, he handed me a dozen roses on Daniel’s behalf and said “These are for you” and walked away. 

What is one thing that always make you feel romantic?

It’s the rains. That feeling of staying inside with the person you love and care for the most while it rains heavily outside, you lit some candles and have a nice dinner together … it all seems very romantic. And let me tell you Bollywood has the best rain songs, so you never run out of nice background music. 

Talking about Bollywood, which is your favourite romantic movie?

I love the kind of romance Aamir Khan does on screen.  

People still tend to be skeptical about you due to you past career as an adult film actress. Does it hurt?

I had stopped working in that field before I entered Bigg Boss 5. But then, I can’t escape who I am. I can’t escape my past. It’s not that I want to change the person I am but I can’t change what I did in my past. So I think with time, with the different movies that are releasing, and the shows like MTV Splitsvilla 7, people are generally getting to see my actual personality. I want people to know what kind of a person I am in front of the camera, what are my gut reactions, how I talk and even what kind of a person I am off the camera. I am sure people’s perception about me will change slowly.

What will you say if you have to describe yourself in a line?

Well, people who know me as Sunny Leone think I am a very sexy girl and stuff like that, but I am actually a dork.      

Are you working on your Hindi?

Yes, very much. I speak Hindi every day. I find the language quite difficult, sometimes. But I am practising.


Interview: Sunny Leone lives a fairy tale romance

Trans World Features (TWF)
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