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I love working with Akshay Kumar: Prabhu Dehva

I love working with Akshay Kumar: Prabhu Dehva

Trans World Features | 29 Sep 2015, 07:23 pm
With multiple hits such as Wanted, Rowdy Rathore, R...Rajkumar and Action Jackson, Prabhu Dehva is certainly one of the most successful directors in today's times. The dancer-filmmaker, who has once again teamed up with Akshay Kumar for Singh is Bling, which releases on October 2, is excited about the film. Prabhu in conversation with TWF correspondent Gaurav Sharma

Singh is Bling is your first release of the year.


Yes, it is releasing after quite some time. My last film Action Jackson released last year and this film is releasing almost at the end of this year.   But this film is releasing at a very crucial time. The festive season has already begun and I am hopeful that people will like this film.


You seemed to have developed a very good understanding with Akshay Kumar post the success of Rowdy Rathore.


(Smiles) It's always a pleasure working with Akshay Kumar. He is one of the most professional actors I have worked with. I too am very professional. Probably, that's the reason we find it very easy working with each other. To be honest, I love working with him.


Was that the reason you decided to rope him for this film?


I really don't know. We had earlier done a film and it was a huge hit but I am no one to rope him in. In fact, Akshay sir roped me in to direct this film. (Laughs) He is a star and working with him is not only a privilege but also a learning experience. 


You are known for churning out hits. What is your expectation from this film?


Oh, it is again a big film for me. I know I have given quite a few hits and people have a certain expectation from me but for me every film is a new project and I don't want to be over-confident. It's a new match every Friday. As a director, I always expect a lot from my films. Every director wants his films to work and be liked by the audience. Isn't that the reason we make films? So, I am quite hopeful about the film.


You mostly make hardcore masala films with a lot of over the top action and comedy...


(Cuts in) In fact, that is what I am comfortable doing. It's not because I made Wanted which was high on action and comedy and it worked and the next moment I thought that 'Okay, the audience likes this and I should make similar films.' I too want to make films like Avengers and other Hollywood films or the romantic films that are made in our country but somehow....(thinks) I feel I am more suited to this genre because I find myself comfortable making these kinds of films. Singh is Bling too is a typical film you will expect from Prabhu Dehva but I can promise that I have not repeated myself and you will like the film.


What was the idea behind roping in Amy Jackson? She has just done one Hindi film and that too didn't work.


But her south Indian films have been hits. I agree that she is just one-film-old in Bollywood but this film demanded it. Here I needed a character who would have to be a foreigner and didn't know Hindi. Hence we decided to have her. Amy is a British by birth and in this film she is required only to speak English.


She has also done a lot of stunts in the film...


That was another reason I wanted her. She is British  and her body structure is quite different from that of Indians. They are fitter than Indian actresses and look tougher. Indians have a softness in this body language and their built is different. So, I feel she looks a lot better doing stunts and thus we decided to have her as the heroine.


How difficult was it shooting with a lion?


It is certainly difficult but I think you should ask this question to Akshay sir. I was directing it but he was shooting with the lion and had to face most of the difficulties. It is definitely very difficult shooting with wild animals and we had to give in a lot of effort to make things look as real as possible. The most important thing was the concentration. You just can't lose your concentration when you are shooting with a wild animal. But we also had a lot of fun and I am sure the audience too will enjoy that portion with the lion.


What are your plans now? Do you want to focus on Bollywood or you will also be doing films down south?


It all depends. I can't speak Hindi properly and Amy too can't speak Hindi but we made a film. I don't think film has or follows any language. So I am comfortable working everywhere so long I get a good script.


What next?


I haven't decided anything yet. I don't have any ready script in hand. My focus right now is on Singh is Bling and I will start thinking about my next project only after October.

I love working with Akshay Kumar: Prabhu Dehva

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