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Tips to keep in mind while travelling to Kerala

Tips to keep in mind while travelling to Kerala

India Blooms News Service | @indiablooms | 14 Jun 2018, 01:01 pm

Kerala is often preferred by tourists when it comes to spending an ideal holiday and there are plenty of reasons. The epithet “God’s own country” itself is enough to refer the natural beauty that Kerala owns. Beautiful landscapes, mountains, river views, beaches, and everything that is the blessing by Mother Nature can be seen in the best avatar in Kerala. For tourist planning to visit Kerala, it will be hard to cover all parts of the state in just one trip. One must always look for travel packages or it is best to look for Kerala tourism as they keep on updating about the best packages.

There are many like many places to visit in Kerala, and for the tourist, it is better if they go for the best ones. Apart from looking for the places they should explore, there are a few more things that they should keep in mind while travelling to one of the best states in the country. Every state has its own peculiarities and differences, and one should respect that. It will be easier for tourist to learn these peculiarities and adopts a few tips while they are visiting Kerala. Not all, but we are sharing some of the most important tips that you should keep in mind before you are set on your voyage of exploring God’s own country.

• Learn a few local words

If you are visiting Kerala or any state particularly on South India, it is better that you learn a few local words. Of course, the state has 100% literacy rate, but that doesn’t imply that the locals ought to speak English. If you are learning a few common spoken words, it will help you asking address, in your transportation, and many other things.

• Keep a watch on your diet

As we all know, Kerala is a home to spices and right from the ancient time, the spices from the state is being transported in all different parts of the world. The impact of having the originating place of many spices can be very well seen in the local cuisine. Your taste bud and stomach may find it hard to digest. So, keep an eye on your diet and ask hotels or restaurants for less spicy foods.

• Respect their culture and traditions

When you visit a state that is different from yours, you must understand the point that they will be different. Instead of asking questions that why things are like this or that, respect their traditions. Everything here has its own rule like visiting temples, eating habits, and others. Try to learn about them.

• Plan according to the weather

If you are visiting the beach cities of Kerala then pick sunscreen, cotton clothes, wipes, and other summer essentials as the weather is mostly humid but pleasant. If you are planning to visit the hill stations then take woolen clothes, gloves, socks, boots, and umbrella to ditch the sudden rain.

These are some of the most common tips that everyone should keep in mind when travelling to Kerala. These tips will help you to have a memorable trip.

Tips to keep in mind while travelling to Kerala

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